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Reminders (for you and me):

1. Drink water- it cleanses your body, regulates metabolism, and helps keep you full so your don’t feel the need to snack. Aim for eight eight-ounce glasses a day

2. Let go of your entitlement and keep humble and kind. This helped inspire me today, take a look.

3. Tell the people you love you love them. Say the words “I love you”. Even if they think you’re being weird. 

4. Make goals and get excited about them.

5. Whenever you think something negative about yourself, tell yourself “stop”. Instead, think about a task you need to accomplish or something else that’ll get your mind away from dangerous territory. 

6. Be kind to people. I mean it. Even in your head. Stop judging everyone so harshly. Chill out.

7. Enjoy your favorite tv show/movie/book/song. Flail about it! Look stupid! It’s okay!

8. Do something productive that you can be proud of. Finish an assignment. Write. Paint. Make a call you’ve been avoiding. Do laundry. Do something. 



you never stop believin’ in me, when I don’t know who I am or what I’m supposed to be.x

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he smiles

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750 Miles


750 miles from Muncie, Indiana to Lebanon, Kansas.

12 hours of silent highway driving

750 miles with your brother’s lifeless body in the back seat

12 hours to think about “I’m Proud of Us” and what he meant

750 miles to regret not seeing his last punch coming

12 hours to add up all the times he’s died in your arms

750 miles to remember all the times he’s come back to you

12 hours to realize you’ve got to get him back no matter what it takes

750 miles to prepare what you’re going to tell him when he’s alive again

12 hours to practice saying “Dean, I’m proud of us too,” without crying

750 miles alone

12 hours too long without him 

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Bloodlust (2x03)

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I started watching qaf because of you.... so thanks for all that extra emotional trauma I didn't need.... But seriously though, I'm falling for this show so much harder than I ever meant to.

You’re welcome, I’m sorry, and YESSSSSSSSS


Prompt: Brian has been missing from school for a week. When Michael finally sees him again, he learns something that changes their friendship forever. 1,500~

“You called?”

And there he was, standing there on Michael’s dark doorstep with his eyebrows raised and his eyes stony in that infuriating expression he always adopted when he was going to give someone shit. He was holding a beer in one hand and the scrawled note Michael had tucked inside their locker yesterday in the other, the one written in code of course, so only Brian could read it.

Michael detested the familiar flutter he felt in his gut at seeing Brian—even after three years it always happened without fail. He quickly buried it under indignant concern. That emotion was a lot more manageable.

“I’m surprised you decided to show up,” Michael said grumpily. “Ma’s been worried sick over you. When I told her you weren’t in school she even drove us over to your house to see if you were there but your dad said you hadn’t been home since Wednesday.”

“I haven’t been,” Brian said shortly. Michael raised his eyebrows and waited but Brian just stared back. Asshole.

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Anonymous inquired:

it is because of this post (post/96343450200) on your blog that i broke down and started watching qaf thx a lot i didn't need this much emotion in my life

I would say I’m sorry but I’m not at all

Anonymous inquired:

This is really stupid but I feel like you don't like me when I'm not on anon because you don't respond as often to my asks. Like I message you too much or something? I'm sorry I'm so needy and weird.

I mean, I respond as quickly as possible to anon messages for more than one reason (mostly because the person is waiting on my blog for the answer and I can’t respond privately later if I need to). But honestly, I’d rather instead of apologizing and sharing your concerns as an anonymous face, if you’re worried there’s an issue just ask me about it with your face attached?

I’m pretty sure I know who you are, and I don’t think you’re needy and weird, many times I’m just doing multiple things at once or I don’t have anything to say in response. I never meant to make you feel like I thought you were needy/weird/any other negative thing. 

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