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Brian Kinney is basically the only thing that matters to me anymore. 

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I’m flying up to Canada for Vancon tomorrow!

Which means that this blog is going to be a mess of vancon adventures. I’ll be tagging them all with “operation vancon” so you all can blacklist accordingly as you see fit!

Also side note for anyone who also happens to be attending the con, if you recognize me there and want to say hi go ahead! I’d love to say hi to anyone who sees me there. Have fun! <3

I am so overwhelmed with happiness. 

Happiness at all the blessings I’ve been given. Outside of some very minor things, I’m healthy. I don’t have to medicate or worry about medical bills or how much longer I have left. I’ve been blessed with a body that is still running well and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that. I’m blessed with intelligence, and creativity, and passion. I’m blessed with a healthy mind, that I have control over. I’m blessed with youth, and a whole life ahead of me that is full of so many possibilities. I’m blessed with wealth, not any exorbitant wealth, but I don’t have to worry about necessities. I can indulge myself with clothes and entertainment, when many people can’t afford a home to live in. I have been blessed by being given a life where I have the option of going to college, studying whatever I want, believing whatever I want, and loving whoever I want. I have been blessed with a family that has stuck together, and who loves me dearly. I’ve been blessed with so many things, and I’m so overwhelmed with them all right now. I’m so blessed, and I am so incredibly humbled and thankful for it. 

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Tomorrow I’m going camping for three days with a couple of my friends and then when I get home I’m hopping on a plane to Canada for Vancon! Let’s hope everything goes well! I’m hoping it’s all a blast :)

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Tumblr usually has good intentions behind their flurries of social justice but it just frustrates me because so many take any post that goes through their dash as absolute law and it’s just so unlikely that the information that goes through Tumblr of all places is well cited and accurate and I just


when I get older it is my life goal to be debbie novotny

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